The BEJIMAC carpet cleaning is something really different than what all other companies can provide.
In addition to the classical beating, back and face sides brushing, we have developed a unique face cleaning equipment going deep in the carpet piles, that takes away more death fibres than any other systems.

Furthermore, the passage of carpets in the machine has been designed to take progressively the dust away, up to the delivery of the machine.
We call it “Dérompeuse”.
The BEJIMAC cleaning unit has a very high efficiency, particularly for acrylic carpets.
We supply this machine with an exhauster from the last generation, reducing the electric power consumption from more than 15% with a higher cleaning efficiency.

The cleaning unit can work:

  • • As a single machine
  • • As a unit combined with a pre-shearing machine
  • • As a unit at entrance of a back sizing machine

Many are copying us in order to be in the market, we move ahead to make your carpets cleaner.

Back sizing

The BEJIMAC modular concept allows to meet all production requirements.

A lot of continuous technological developments make the BEJIMAC machine always a step forward. In addition to that, we also make the difference with our exclusive process to achieve really dry carpets:

BEJIMAC back sizing, back coating for carpets - exclusive drying process

Here are in a few words some practical points concerning our back sizing machine:

  • • For carpets up to the widest width, with a maximum speed of 14 m/min
  • • Constant quality – Full automatic system reducing operators’ intervention, increasing quality and production
  • • Complete video surveillance for operators and offices
  • • Fulcon – recipes for the process production management system
  • • High efficiency cleaning reducing dust in the latex area
  • • Easy communication between machine operators, and optimisation of the space thanks to the location of carpet feeding and delivery in a close proximity
  • • Weft straightener correcting weaving distortions in the design
  • • Shrinking system for the process of bulk acrylic fibers
  • • Constant quality of the glue thanks to its automatic preparation
  • • Automatic cleaning of the pipes and tanks
  • • Automatic width detection and lateral guiding
  • • Integrated system for easy cleaning of the sizing area
  • • Bejimac exclusive passage taking care of the pile during the process
  • • Automatic carpet tension regulation
  • • No residual moisture in the carpet
  • • Application of 2 different glue types (simultaneously or separately) with kissing roller

The back sizing machine can work:

  • • As a single machine (cleaning included)
  • • In a complete line including cleaning, back sizing and shearing



We usually provide shearing machines from one to three heads, depending of your production capacity.

Here are in a few words some practical points concerning our shearing machine:

  • • For carpets up to the widest width, with a maximum speed of 20 m/min
  • • Constant quality with our full automatic system reducing operators’ intervention, increasing quality and production
  • • Protection of shearing head by metal detector and seam detection
  • • Automatic tension regulation whatever the carpet type
  • • Electrically driven transparent protection guard

Some examples of the results of the technology developments made to continuously tighten to the best surface treatment possible:

  • • Suitable for different carpet back constructions
  • • No stripes
  • • Suitable for different carpet fibers
  • • Finer appearance (300 mm diameter, up to 600 RPM)
  • • No Moiré
  • • Clean finished carpets

The following specificities have been especially developed to be included in the shearing machine for the carpet sector:

  • • Transversal pile orientation
  • • Adapted cleaning before shearing
  • • Combined shearing table for every type of carpet back
  • • Folding adapted to your trolleys


  • • Quality programming
  • • Running of each head from all touchscreens
  • • Parameter history
  • • Synchronization with other BEJIMAC machines


  • • Maintenance recommendations
  • • Easy cleaning of the shearing head
  • • Electric grinding equipment